An Orchestra New Brunswick Visit: What is Folk Music?

Some Wikipedia Definitions of Folk Music:

“Folk Music is any style of music which represents a community and can be sung/played by people who may or may not actually be trained musicians, using the instruments available to them.”

“Throughout most of human prehistory and history, listening to recorded music was not possible, and the work of economic production was often manual and communal. Music was made by common people during both their work and leisure. Manual labour often included singing by the workers, which served several practical purposes. It reduced the boredom of repetitive tasks, it kept the rhythm during synchronized pushes and pulls, and it set the pace of many activities such as planting, weeding, reaping, threshing, weaving, and milling. In leisure time, singing and playing musical instruments were common forms of entertainment and history-telling—even more common than today, when electrically enabled technologies and widespread literacy make other forms of entertainment and information-sharing competitive.[2″]”

Peter and the Wolf Part 1


Peter and the Wolf Part 2


A Sailor Went to Ser



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