Sunday Morning Coffee and POW


POW is one of my all-time favourite games for practicing sight words.  It’s so simple and cheap to make and, the best part – kids love it!  I have several POW games in the classroom with various sets of grade 2 sight words, but today I’m working on the DOLCH List 1 for my daughter.  They are using DOLCH words in her grade 1 class this year. 

To make a POW game all you need to is:

  • List of Words you want to practice
  • popsicle stick (some like to use foam, I usually use wood)
  • sharpie
  • cup (or some type of container to pull the sticks from)

First you’ll need to print your list words on the end of the popsicle sticks. 


I like to include each words two times.  It makes the game longer and gives more practice of each word.  But, it also means that you can switch it up and use these same sticks to play MEMORY!

Next, you will need to make some POW sticks.  I like to include 3, but you can make more of less.


The last step is to put them all (words down) in a cup or container….super easy!


How do you play POW?

You and your child will take turns drawing sticks from the cup.  When you draw a stick you must read the word aloud in order to keep it.  Keep taking turns drawing sticks and reading words until someone draws POW.  The player who draws POW must put all their words back in the cup.  Play can continue until 3 POWs have been drawn or until someone gets a certain number of sticks, which you can decide on at the beginning of the game.

I like to use the “No Excuses” Spelling words from Nelson Language Arts Teacher’s Resource Books in my classroom.  They closely align with the NB curriculum.


But the DOLCH sight words are still very popular and are a great resources as well.  I’m including some copies of both so you can easily make several games.

I hope you have lots of fun playing this game at home.  My example with popsicle sticks and a cup is as basic as you can get, but if you come up with something a little ‘craftier’ I would love to see your results!


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