Rainbow Fish for Anti-Bullying Week

I don’t know how I have made it this long in teaching without ever having heard of the book, “The Rainbow Fish” before!  It’s a great little Read Aloud for Elementary.  The message of friendship and giving makes it a perfect story for Anti-Bullying Week. 



In Elementary, I think that keeping the focus on ‘how to be a good’ friend is more fitting than focusing on the negative.  We talk about bullying, but we focus on being a good friend and being friendly.

This past week I read “The Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister.  I love this story!  And so did the kids!  We did this Read Aloud as a lead into an Art activity.  After reading the story, the kids all made their own version of the Rainbow Fish. 


Of course, I had to add a little cross curricular connection to the lesson.  So we talked about what type of patterns we could make with the scales of the Rainbow Fish.  I brought in an example that I made and one that my ‘little helper at home’ made as well. 

I used a scrap booking punch to make the circles for the kids.  I used aluminum foil for the ‘shiny’ scale.




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