Listen to Reading at Home and School


Are you looking for a quick reference list of great websites that you can use for Listen to Reading in the classroom?  Or some safe sites you can help your child access from home to practice their reading skills?  Check out this list: (Free Public Library Access to Tumblebooks)

My last post was about an activity we did using the book called, “The Rainbow Fish”.  One of my favorite Read Aloud sites actually has this story being read aloud. 


What is ‘Listen to Reading’ and Why Do We Do It?

Listen to Reading is part of the Daily Five Classroom Structure.  Listening to reading helps children to build fluency in their own reading.  It gives them a chance to hear a reader pause for punctuation, use expression and sometimes model ‘think alouds’.  And guess what…the kids love it!  Isn’t that right at the top of our goals…fostering a love of reading?!

*I’m always looking for more great sites that I can add to my list.  If you like this list, please let me know.  If you have more to share, please do that too!


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