What We Write Here (and at home)



We practice a version of the ‘Writer’s Workshop’ in our class.  Everyone has at least 20 minutes of independent writing time each day.  They have access to a variety of tools and they can write what they want.

This year I am setting up a ‘What We Write’ board in the classroom.  Most students will come to grade two ready to write their own stories.  So, we begin the year with stories.  But last week, I also introduced ‘lists’ as a form of writing.  Everyone had lots of ideas to share!  We talked about shopping lists, lists of names, favourites, descriptions, etc.

Our first practiced list was an adjectives list for our pumpkin study.  Everyone did a fantastic job! 

Lists are great for practicing writing.  Sometimes writing a story can feel overwhelming.  A list is shorter and, often, a less intimidating task.  Lists also teach focus which can lead to more organized writing.

At home, you can ask your child to write your grocery lists for you!

Here are some fantastic documents that I found from http://theteacherwife.blogspot.ca/2011/10/what-do-writers-write.html. 

Thanks to http://clutterfreeclassroom.blogspot.ca/ for the great example of a ‘What We Write’ board.  We don’t have quite as much space in our classroom, but we are using this picture as our inspiration.

*As we learn and practice more types of writing, I will share some more ideas and work!

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