“How to” Write at Home

So I’m a mom too!  Sometimes I’m at home and I’m looking for a quick and fun activity that I can do with my own daughter to help support her writing at school. 

*In general, writing is the area that students struggle with the most. 

My daughter, like many kids, isn’t always excited to do ‘extra’ work at home.  I try to keep things fun, but sometimes she has other things in mind besides ‘writing practice’.  But, my daughter loves hot chocolate.  Anytime…middle of summer? … doesn’t matter!

What a great way to squeeze in a little writing practice.  We decided to write story about how to make hot chocolate.  I told her I would only do the steps that she wrote, so if she wanted to drink some hot chocolate she was going to have to write all the steps, and they needed to be in order!

It worked!

Here is the sheet we used:

and here is her finished product (this is early grade one):


I found this .pdf on a cute little teaching blog that you may want to glance at.  Teri, over at www.acupcakefortheteacher.blogspot.ca has a whole little unit that you could easily adapt for home on writing about hot chocolate. 

You’ll find the page link here:  http://acupcakefortheteacher.blogspot.ca/2012/01/hot-chocolate-craft-freebie.html


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