Making Plasticine Pictures

Yesterday was pretty exciting! We are all very excited about watching the life cycle of a butterfly unfold in front of our eyes. We read a book by Barbara Reid and looked closely at the illustrations. They are made of plasticine! So, we watched a video about how she does this and then we tried it out. I’m really impressed with the amazing art that is taking shape. We are making plasticine pictures of the butterfly life cycle…very cool!


Our pupae this weekend

Just a quick look at our pupae as we head into the long weekend. There are lots of exciting changes about to happen….




Our Butterfly Project

Our caterpillars are almost ready to transform in this video. They are in a ‘J Hook’ here and are in process of becoming pupae! It’s an exciting time!

Our Outer Space and a Local Filmaker

Monday Wow! I bet you all know who Chris Hadfield is. He is a Canadian astronaut and the first Canadian to walk in space. But, did you also know that the filmaker involved in making this video with Chris Hadfield is Canadian and local? Andrew Tidby grew up in Rothesay, just down the road from me. And, now he is off having lots of exciting adventures!

Butterfly Life Cycle

Grade 2 students at Grand Bay Primary School look forward to this time of year. It’s time to watch and learn about the Butterfly’s Life Cycle. I hope you can follow along with us!