Weekly update for June 2nd

June already!   Where does the time go?

This week we have our Jump Rope for Heart event on Thursday June 5th. Please make sure everyone has proper footwear and attire. We usually have this event outdoors.

Friday June 6th GrandBay Primary will be planting our marigolds.

On Sunday June 8th our PALS organizers host a Port Community Days family fun day at the Cruise Ship terminal in Saint John. It’s a fun day with lots of activities for the kids. Check out the City of Saint John website for more details.

On Monday June 9th the grade 2 classes will be walking up to Inglewood School to visit the grade 3’s at 11am. Lunch will be provided this day. They order pizza and refreshments for everyone.



Field Trip Checklist

We are one week away from our Grade 2 End of Year Field Trip to the Huntsman Marine Center! Here are a few important notes to help you plan:

1.  Ipods/Game Devices – We are making a special exception to this rule.  Ipods and game devices will be allowed because of the long bus ride.  Please very clearly go over your own rules about whether your child is allowed to share, etc.  And please remind them to be very careful about putting their device away in a safe place in their bookbag when not in use.

2.  Sunscreen/Hat – Please pack sunscreen and/or hat.

3.  Lunch and Snack – Pack a portable lunch and two snacks.

4.  No Flip Flops please!

5.  Dress for the Weather – We are going Rain or Shine!

Week of May 26-May 30

Year end is quickly approaching and there are many activities going on at school.

Therefore, I will make weekly posts to keep you up to date.

Week of May 26- May 30

This will be the last week for reading and writing homework.

Spelling tests are completed for the school year.  Your students spelling test notebook will be sent home for you to keep.

May26-May 28 (Mon-Wed): Provincial Literacy Assessment will continue.  Research shows students perform best if they are well rested and have a good breakfast. Attendance is important these days.

May 27 (Tuesday): Fundy Solid Waste will be visiting the Grade 2’s and hosting a puppet show.

May 29 (Thursday): Blue Homework folders, nightly homework reading books, and library books are due in today.  This is the end of homework for the school year as well as library visits. Only zip lock bags will be sent back and forth each day. Important notices are sent home the last month of school so please remember to send the zip lock in each morning. Thank you.

May 30 (Friday): Grade 2 field trip to St. Andrews Huntsman Aquarium. 

Students are allowed to bring reading material, small toy or an electronic device to use on the bus as it is a long drive.  Please review with your child the importance of looking after it as will be the students responsibility.  All students are to have sunscreen on before they arrive to school that day, wearing sneakers (no flip flops allowed) and have plenty of food and water for the day. Please dress appropriately for the weather. Field trip is rain or shine.

May 31 (Saturday): Inglewood school has a car entered in the Soap Box Derby at Lily Lake on Saturday. It is a fun event for families with lots of activities at the park.  Check out the Rockwood Park website for details.




Math and Spelling Outside?!?!

We have finally had a few nice days.  Summer is in the air and everyone is itching to spend time outside, but that doesn’t mean we can learn out there…..or can we?  Last week, we took to the playground to work on Math and Spelling.  We played a great math game that your child could also easily play at home with some sidewalk chalk.  We also did our spelling test outside last week!  Everyone did really well, and corrections are more fun when they are done in sidewalk chalk!  photo 5

photo 4

photo 3

photo 2


photo 3

photo 4

photo 1

photo 1

photo 2

Only One You

A couple weeks back we read a beautiful story called, “Only One You”.  When I say beautiful I mean both the message and the art work.  The story inspired an art project in our class.  We used pastels to design a unique fish who now swims with friends in our hallway.  If you are able, please stop in to see them.  If not, here is a photo to entice you!

Only One You Fish