Welcome to my Class – Open House on August 27th

Welcome to my class!

I am very excited to get to know you this year.

For Grade 2:

Building on Independance – By grade 2 we expect that students have become quite independent in their daily routine.  We will not be checking in book bags for notes, homework, etc.  Please speak with your child about any notes or other communication you might put in their back pack, so they will know to unpack it and deliver it to us.  If your child is unable to tie his or her shoes, please try not to send shoes with laces.

Homework – There will be homework in grade 2.  Homework is not marked or assessed but we will check to see if it is being completed.  The purpose of the homework is forstudents to review concepts that have already been covered in class and to give you a look at what your child is learning.  If you see they are experiencing difficulty,