Math Game of the Week

If you have a look under the ‘Great Sites for Kids’ tab, you will find lots of great games and resources that students can play for extra practice, for fun, or for enrichment.

Today I will be adding this great game/tool to the list of Math Games.  The game is clled Higher or Lower.  It is a really useful tool to help your child develop their number sense.

Please take a look when you havae a chance!

Higher or Lower Game

Higher or Lower Game



Week 4 News and Events

It’s been a busy week here in Grade 2.  This week we learned about writing a friendly letter.  All of the students wrote a letter to a classmate who hurt her leg and I was very proud of the work they put into them.  We had our first spelling test and participated in the Terry Fox Walk on Friday.  We also had a couple birthdays this week!

In math, we continue to learn about ordinals, skip counting, and creating patterns.  Students used pattern blocks to create their own 3-5 element pattern and we all played a game with Odd and Even Numbers.

In Literacy, we are reviewing reading strategies.  This week we talked about the -ack family.  Students also completed their Cause and Effect piece about Camilla Cream from ‘A Bad Case of Stripes’.

In Art, we read ‘The Crayon Box That Talked’ and we created our own beautiful crayon box.  Students discussed the word ‘unique’ and worked hard to make their own crayon unique.


photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

photo 1

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The Early Weeks…

Last week we met our Kindergarten Buddies and created some amazing artwork! We made new friends and had a lot of fun learning together. Here are some moments we wanted to share:

photo 5


photo 4


photo 3


photo 2


photo 5


photo 4


The First Weeks of School

We have had a very busy week back to school and it couldn’t have gone better!  I am so excited to be working with all of you this year.  

Here is a quick overview of what we’ve done and talked about in class:

1.  Morning Routines – Students bring their zip bag into the classroom and empty any notes into the red basket.  They will then work on an independent ‘bell work’ sheet.

2.  Homework Folders – These red duo tangs will only come home on Mondays.  You will keep them until Friday (or Thursday if it’s a long weekend).  On Friday, students will take out their old books from the week and switch them for new ones.  Then they pass in the red duo tang so I can pack home work for the coming week.  I ask each child to pick two books.  If your child has lots of appropriately levelled books at home, it’s okay for them to read from their own books at night.  Or, if you do not have many books at home and would like your child to bring 3 or 4 books home, please just send me a note.

3.  Store – I’m sure you’ve heard about STORE!  All week long students will earn plastic nickels for a variety of reasons.  I hand out nickels for being a good friend, taking care of our classroom, remembering routines, taking pride in your work, and listening…just to name a few examples.  On Friday, during our Math Centers, I open the Store.  Students can use their coins to purchase some small items such as pencils, and small toys, as well as coupons to use in the classroom for various rewards.  There are coupons that allow a student to ‘invite a friend from another class to lunch’, earn extra time on an iPad, have a friend over for indoor recess, etc.  Counting and making change and practicing concepts of less than and more than are very important elements in our math curriculum in grade 2.  So, while store is fun for the students, it’s also an important real life math experience!  Donations are not required, but we happily accept small items to add to our store!

Please check back regularly for more updates!