Raz Kids and Head Sprout Access

I’m very happy to let you know that our class has access to Raz Kids and Head Sprout at home online.  I’ve been a fan of Raz kids for several years and Head Sprout is an amazing new addition to this program.  Every student has been placed at a level that should be an appropriate start place for them.

Please log on to www.raz-kids.com.  Choose the option for Kids Login, and use the teacher name:  myterrifictwos  You should then find your child’s name and are ready to go.  You have the option to sign up for parent access and get email updates on your child’s progress.  Raz-Kids is also available as an app on ITunes and Google Apps.

At school students will use this program for a minimum of 20 minutes one time per week, but they can choose to log in anytime they are finished their work and have some free time.  I ask that you try to encourage them to log in at least once per week at home as well.  The HeadSprouts episodes/activities and the Raz reading practice can make a dramatic difference in your child’s confidence and reading level.


If you have any questions, please contact me!


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