Week 4 – Homework Notes

Week 3 of the 2015-2016 School Year is complete!

We are slowly establishing all our regular routines and procedures.  This week in your red homework folder please find ‘A Peek at the Week’ Homework note for you to put on the fridge.  You will also find a ‘Weekly Overview’ of the Word Wall words that we will focus on each week.

A BIG thank you for all the completed Reading Logs, and an extra ‘pat on the back’ for the students who wrote out their own book titles!  I fully understand how busy your week is, but the daily reading will make a big difference in your child’s confidence and reading level.

REMEMBER:  Daily Reading can include a combination of 1.  Your child reading on their own 2. You reading to your child 3.  You and your child reading together

Enjoy the Weekend!

A Link to the Week 4 Peek at the Week:

Homework Week 4


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