Week 7 – Peek at the Week (Homework Notes)

Some nights are very busy!  The Weekly Homework schedule is a suggested list of activities.  Some weeks you may not be able to squeeze it all in.  This is okay!  Homework should not cause stress.  If you have a lot on the go, please keep the focus on Reading Every Night.  Research shows this is the best way to support your child’s academic success.

Here is this week’s ‘Peek at the Week’:

Week 7 Homework Note


This is what we’re playing this week…

In Math this week we practiced using the number line to count forward and back.  A ruler or homemade number line is a great math tool you can use at home!  Try this game to prescribe addition and subtraction (have students use a number line for help)…

 Cross the swamp 

Multi Media Art for Autumn

This is a class full of artists!  Our first multi media art project was an exciting success.  Have a look at these gorgeous pumpkins at night… 


Election Day

On Wednesday the class participated in an election.  We learned how to vote and held an ‘official’ election to name our class pet! 


Raz-Kids and HeadSprout

I am very excited that we are able to provide the class with a Raz Kids and HeadSprout subscription again this year. Please take advantage of this fun and educational service at home! Reading a Raz Kids book or doing a HeadSprout Episode can be recorded in the Reading log for your child’s nightly reading.

Follow the link below:


Counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s

In Grade 2 we learn to count by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s both forward and backward.  Here is a video that we use for practice: