Week 6: Oct. 10-14th

Welcome to the 6th week of school!  The year is flying by.  Here is a quick look at the Science concepts we are covering over the month of October (stay tuned for more posts with other subjects!):

Science: Plants

We are learning all about plants this month.  We will be growing seeds in the classroom and collecting samples outside.  Students will be making and recording observations/predictions.  They will be estimating measurements.  Students will be identifying patterns.  We will be working with small groups and individually.

*If you have a green thumb, or any special knowledge that you would like to share, please contact me.  Also, if you have any seeds that you would like to donate we will find a way to use them!

Some I can statements for students:

I can identify and investigate life needs of plants.

I can describe how plants are affected by their growing conditions.

I can identify and describe the parts of a plant (and tell their general function).

I can observe and describe changes that occur during the life cycle of a plant.

I can describe the way in which plants are important to living things and our environment.

I can identify plant parts that provide humans with useful products.

I can describe how to prepare products made from plants.

I can describe how our supply of useful plants is replenished.


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