What we did in Week 9 – A Review

We had some fun using our candy to build this week!  Students had to choose 100 items and build the tallest, free standing tower.

Week 10 – Nov.7-11th


It’s amazing how fast 10 weeks can fly by!  We are gearing up for our first report card already!

A reminder that Monday is Library Day.  Please return books by Monday so you can check new ones out.

Remembrance Day Posters are Due Thursday – If you are taking yours home to work on, it must be back by Thursday.

Thursday, Nov. 10th – Student Remembrance Day Ceremony

Friday, Nov. 11th – Remembrance Day (no school)

Next Week (Nov. 14-18) is Kindness Matters and Diversity Week.

November Math Outcomes (Grade 3):

N1, N2, N3 – Skip Counting and showing numbers in a variety of ways (number of the day practice sheets – tally marks, rods and units, money, symbols, etc.)

N4 – Estimating to 1000 using referents.

N5 – Illustrating the meaning of Place Value.

N6, N7 – Using mental math strategies to add and subtract 2 digit numbers.

N8 – Apply estimating and rounding strategies to predict sums and differences to solve a math problem.

N9 – Demonstrate an understanding of adding and subtraction with answers to 1000.

N10 – Using mental math for basic math facts

PR1, PR2 – Understanding of increasing and decreasing patterns.

SP1, SP2 – Collect and organize data.  Construct, label and interpret bar graphs to solve problems.