Penguin Test Assignment for the Computer Lab

Assignment:  Please create a Penguin test using the information found on our class website (and outside our classroom door).  Your test should have 10 questions.  If you are working with a buddy, your test must have 15 questions.  You may type or write your test.  Tests are due Thursday morning.  This is an in class assignment, but you are welcome to work on it at home as well!

Your test must include one of each of the following styles of questions:

One Multiple Choice –

Example:  How many species of penguins are there?

a. 23     b. 18     c. 17     d. 11

One True or False –

Example:  Penguins are not birds because they cannot fly.   T  or   F

One Fill in the Blank –

Example:  All penguins live in the _____________hemisphere.

One Short Answer –

Example:  If you were a penguin what species would you be and why? Please answer in full sentences using 5 star writing.

You may also include other types of test questions such as a diagram, or matching question.

Example:  Connect the penguin to the proper description.

Emperor                                                          Has tufts of feathers on the sides of it’s head

Fairy                                                                  The largest species of penguin

Macaroni                                                          Has bluish feathers

Chinstrap                                                          A medium sized penguin with a white face and

stripe under it’s chin.