Welcome Back to a New Year!

I hope that everyone had a chance to re-charge and enjoy some family time over the holiday.  We did a little poll today and it looks like there was a lot of skating, sliding, and snowshoeing happening!

All month long we will be going penguin crazy!  Literacy, Math, Science will all be connected to this theme whenever possible.  Feel free to bring in any penguin books or stuffies to help decorate our classroom!

Homework:  For the winter term weekly homework will include 20 minutes of reading per night (Raz, or books).  Students will also begin bringing home their spelling words again beginning next week.  Spelling tests are on Friday.  From time to time if there are things that your child did not finish in class, I will send these home as well.  For anyone looking for extra practice please take advantage of our subscription to Raz-kids, Headsprout, and Reflex Math.  You can also check out all the learning focused games under the ‘Great Sites for Kids’ tab of our website.

Tuesday Hike:  In January-March we will be doing our walk every other week (weather permitting).  Our first walk is schedule for January 17th.

Penguin Day:  January 20th is our Penguin Day

Literacy Day:  January 27th


December 12-16th


It’s hard to believe that we only have 8 more school days before the holidays!  Students have been working hard on their Social Studies projects, learning about persuasive writing, and in grade 3 we have begun multiplying!  Please check your email for all the upcoming dates.

Here is one of the stories on our holiday book shelf:

3 Under the Sea

Check out this great Math site from Learn Alberta.  This site focuses on all the Grade 3 math outcomes for NB.  It’s great for grade 3 and grade 3!

What we did in Week 9 – A Review

We had some fun using our candy to build this week!  Students had to choose 100 items and build the tallest, free standing tower.

Week 10 – Nov.7-11th


It’s amazing how fast 10 weeks can fly by!  We are gearing up for our first report card already!

A reminder that Monday is Library Day.  Please return books by Monday so you can check new ones out.

Remembrance Day Posters are Due Thursday – If you are taking yours home to work on, it must be back by Thursday.

Thursday, Nov. 10th – Student Remembrance Day Ceremony

Friday, Nov. 11th – Remembrance Day (no school)

Next Week (Nov. 14-18) is Kindness Matters and Diversity Week.

November Math Outcomes (Grade 3):

N1, N2, N3 – Skip Counting and showing numbers in a variety of ways (number of the day practice sheets – tally marks, rods and units, money, symbols, etc.)

N4 – Estimating to 1000 using referents.

N5 – Illustrating the meaning of Place Value.

N6, N7 – Using mental math strategies to add and subtract 2 digit numbers.

N8 – Apply estimating and rounding strategies to predict sums and differences to solve a math problem.

N9 – Demonstrate an understanding of adding and subtraction with answers to 1000.

N10 – Using mental math for basic math facts

PR1, PR2 – Understanding of increasing and decreasing patterns.

SP1, SP2 – Collect and organize data.  Construct, label and interpret bar graphs to solve problems.


Week 9 – Oct. 31-Nov.4

Some updates for this week:

Oct. 31 – Halloween Day

We will be having taking part in some Halloween themed challenges and games throughout the day.

Nov. 1st – Roots of Empathy Day

Nov. 3rd – Career Hat Day

Students are invited to wear a hat related to a career that they have some interest in.

Nov. 4th – Take Me Outside Day

We will be taking part in this challenge to get outside!

Homework for the Week:

Read for 20 minutes each night

Grade 3 Math – Complete Number of the Day sheet and (if possible) try for 3 green lights on Reflex Math!



Respect Diversity and Kindness Matters Week (Nov. 14-18)



In preparation for Respect Diversity and Kindness Matters week, I am assigning a discussion question for homework.  I am asking all students to have a short conversation with a parent/guardian/grandparent about a time that an act of kindness really mattered to them.

On the week of Nov. 14th we will be working on a piece of persuasive writing. Students will be asked to persuade the reader that ‘Kindness Matters’ based on the experiences they have discussed at home.

Thank you for your help!


Math Lines – Addition Practice

Here is a game we love to play. It’s great for improving fact fluency. Math fact fluency is very important as we begin to discuss multiplication. Without fact fluency students experience difficulty with multiplication.


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Pumpkins at Night and what we are learning in Art this month

In Art this month we are exploring painting techniques.  Students have experimented with mixing colours on their page by layering.  Some Statements that demonstrate what students are learning include:

I can explore different painting techniques.

I can use warm and cool colours for expressive effect.

I can discuss simple compositional elements such as: horizontal line, area of emphasis, and balance.

I can recognize that a response to Art involves feelings, understandings, and knowledge.


I can demonstrate confidence and enthusiasm toward are production!