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“Add” a Little Math to your Day

At this point in the school year, the’ facts’ focus is on! 

In addition, we focus on adding numbers to ‘make ten’ first, and then move beyond ten.  To move beyond ‘making ten’, it’s important that students have mastered their math facts up to ten. 

When we talk about ‘mastering’ math facts, the general rule is that a student can recall a fact within 3 seconds.  In grade 1, there was a strong focus on learning these facts.  In grade 2, ‘making ten’ should be a review and students should have a mastery over these facts.

Today we all worked on a ‘Making Ten’ Rainbow.  This simple anchor chart is a quick reference for students to study and practive their math facts up to ten. 



As we move forward from ‘making ten’ we begin to practice ‘one more than/one less than’ and ‘two more than/two less than’.  We do this with numbers up to 20 in grade two.  These become our ‘+1’, ‘+2’, ‘-1’, ‘-2’ facts.  We also work on doubles.

Hands-on activities are a great way to practice math facts.  Games with dominoes, and dice are perfect.

The Speed Grid Challenge is a really fun game, that students always love!